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Ticky Ticky. ty

on Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:07 am

My super awesome guide to usernames!
There's too many dull usernames out there,(unfortunately) BUT FEAR NOT, as I am here with this guide to help you make a username that will make 90 year old drug addict pedophiles orgasm for a decade, in JUST A FEW STEPS!

1. Do NOT use correct grammar in your username, nobody likes some grammarnazi that takes 1000 hours to type a sentence and another 1000000 checking for typos.

2. To show your TRUE originality, make your username the same name as a fictional character, especially famous ones like Sephiroth, this shows REAL originality.

3. BUT YOU NAME ISN'T ORIGINAL ENOUGH JUST YET. Some other dumbass probably already has your very individual name, so just put numbers in it and BLAM it's 100% more original. Tips on what numbers to use: a) 1234 (AKA your password) b) your birthyear (e.g. 2003, good for multiplayer FPS games.) c) Shove your ass on the numbers area of the keyboard and see what comes out.

4. Your name is still lame, so we need to put loads of x's between your name, or -'s, ¬'s (eg XxX the jocker from batmon lol he kool XxX)

5. Alter caps between the letters lIkE tHiS to show you are high.

6. You need to show how fucking badass you are by shoving macho words in it and swearing, like killer, rapist, 007, spah, billy mays (If you do this remember to shout things like "IM A BIKER IRL!!1" in the chat. 150% macho)

7. Depending on the game you're playing add something related to the game, for example playing Left 4 dead you need to put "hoonter" in your name. This will inform everyone that you FUCKING KNOW EVERYTHING BOUT THE GAME YEAH

8. Memes. Throw all memes you can, if you're playing tf2 be sure to use "vagineer, painis cupcake XD!1, WE NEED LESS SC00TS MOAR HOOVIES"

9. Put the word "pro" somewhere in there. By doing this you will be the most pro dude on the server

10. Use character map in system tools to your advantage. Only this way will others know what a techical badass you are.

IF YOU FOLLOWED THIS GUIDE CORRECTLY, everyone(mostly chicks) will be ALL over your name and will want to get married and have babies with you. No need to thank me, it's my job.

Sticky please thx

edit: god this forum and it's autocenter qq seriously. *ragequit*

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