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on Tue Jun 11, 2013 3:10 pm

Zekrom & Reshiram
Zekrom & Reshiram
So if you've seen the Nintendo Direct, you know about Smash Bros. But now it's time to discuss.

First, some screenshots:


Mario definitely looks more heroic this time around

Thankfully, Link doesn't have his Skyward Sword Design.

Kirby in HD looks great, now wait until we see the hats.

Pikachu looks like it was taken from the anime and rendered in 3D. I mean that in a good way, the anime has good visuals, even if the script is terrible.

DK's Bad Fur Day

Other M Samus? Really?

Fox looks more like a fox now. I'd say he looked kind of squirrel like in Brawl, but that's just me.

YAY! Bowser's faster now! He also stands upright.

Pit's sporting his Uprising design, will he be breaking the fourth wall at every given moment?



The Villager from Animal Crossing: City Folk? Why didn't they use the New Leaf design? either way, he'll probably be fun to play as.

It's Mega Man! When I heard Sakurai wanted Capcom characters, I think I speak for everyone when I say "Called it!" Does Capcom really hate the series?

Character of the Year, right here! In all seriousness I find the promo video for the Wii Fit Trainer hilarious.

Now it's speculation time! And updates as they go!

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