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on Wed Jan 12, 2011 10:05 am

Zekrom & Reshiram
Zekrom & Reshiram
Who here has played Golden Sun? I understand that MarioWorldHacker and myself are huge fans of the games. Also, Roshi said he likes the first one I believe. Here are some reasons of why I and MWH love the games, and MWH, feel free to add to this list.

The game has some incredible graphics for the GBA standards.
The music is epic and great for the low-quality sound of the GBA.
The story was incredible, and is unlike any other.
The puzzles are somewhat easy, but a lot of the time they are absolutely devilish.
The battles can be very challenging, making the game all worth while.

I actually think of the first as the best GBA game, and if you've beaten it, it would probably place very high on your favorite GBA games. I really love how the story played out, and how it all started out made me feel a bit of nostalgia when I beat it.

Seven years after the release of the second game, a third sequel was released that has you take control of the first game character's children. I have played a little amount of it, and I have yet to start it because I am trying to beat The Lost Age first.

So anyways, who has played the games, beaten them even, and what did you think?


on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:43 pm

I had thoughts of getting the one on the DS, but than I saw Mario vs donkey kong, (my favorite series). I haven't tried any of the games yet tho.


on Fri May 27, 2011 9:50 am

In case anyone's forgotten, we have a thread Golden Sun, so feel free to talk about it here.

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