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on Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:36 pm

Zekrom & Reshiram
Zekrom & Reshiram
Hey guys. So some of you may know I love the book The Outsiders, as it is my all time favourite book. It changed my life in several ways, and I honestly could've missed out on this book, but thanks to my teacher convincing me to read it, my life would've been very different.

Here is a link for a plot summary of the book.

Here is a plot summary of my fanfiction. I hope you guys like it.

______________________________________________________________________________________It's been two years since the tragic events in The Outsiders have taken place. Ponyboy, now sixteen, has taken a better sense of life knowing that what you have can be taken from you at any time, of any day. 

Ponyboy has started working at DX with Sodapop, since Steve decided to quit to become a licensed mechanic. Darry has been up to his same old life ever since two years ago, except he now appreciates Ponyboy more now and keeps a closer watch on him. 
Two-bit eventually had the nerve to call Marcia and ask her on a date (with help from Cherry), and they're now engaged. 

Ponyboy and Cherry started dating a few weeks after that tragic night happened when they lost both Johnny and Dally. They take their relationship seriously, and it has caused tons of problem for Ponyboy with the Socs.

One night while Ponyboy was at Cherry's house while her parents were out, they had a deep talk about those few days two years ago, before a sad Ponyboy broke into tears. Cherry did her best to comfort Ponyboy, but he still hasn't gotten over the fact that his best friends another part of his gang died the same night. 

Ponyboy then went on to describe it as the worst luck, as a course of several days ended up wrecking all that he had and took pride in. They eventually calmed down and a few hours later Ponyboy figured it was time for him to go home.

On Ponyboy's walk home he noticed a car pull out of a backlane and approach him slowly. He walked faster only to notice the car sped up as well. He ran as fast as he could because he already knows that it's the Socs trying to stir up more trouble.

The Socs are in an upset with the greasers over the fact that Cherry refused to stay apart of their group and act like she's the top part of the food chain of society. The car sped up faster and the person in the car cornered Ponyboy against a building wall.

A bigger built white man stepped out of the car, it turned out to be Paul Holden, an exfriend of Darry. "Where ya going, grease?" he shouted. Paul appeared to be alone, and after a few minutes of bickering Paul punched Ponyboy in the side of the head, dazing him enough to be forced into Paul's car. Ponyboy soon blacked out after that.

Ponyboy awoke in a cold, dark basement lit with a lamp and a few candles and a TV turned on to a recap of an NFL game. Ponyboy had remembered what happened and then started to panic. He tried to run towards the stairs before the door opened, Paul came bursting down the stairs.

"Remember me, grease?" he asked, Ponyboy looked frightened and shook his head. "Bullshit, you recognize me from the rumble." Ponyboy actually did remember his face, but tried not to show fear. Paul explained that the reason he brought Ponyboy here was for a couple of reasons. A) Darry beat up Paul badly in the rumble. B) He wants Ponyboy to stay far away from Cherry. "Let me make you a deal, grease. If you stay away from Cherry, I'll let you go, but if you don't, you'll pay the ultimate price." Paul said and then laughed. Ponyboy immediately declined the offer.

Ponyboy then got punched hard in the jaw, and then fell to his knees. He left himself vulnerable enough to be tied bending over to a head board. Ponyboy had no idea what was happening, he was in complete shock.

Paul then said "Let's get down to business, grease." He ripped Ponyboy's pants off and took his own pants off, without Ponyboy being aware of this because he couldn't see what was happening behind him. Soon after Ponyboy felt a throbbing nine inch erection start to penetrate his anus. It was painful, and Ponyboy started crying. He couldn't do a damn thing to defend himself.

About after an hour and thirteen minutes, the penetration becamse slower as Paul had ejaculated inside Ponyboy's rectum. Ponyboy had ejaculated as well, but earlier, because the pressure on his prostate gland was unbelievable.

Ponyboy couldn't understand what happened, he had just been raped. This happened over the course of a few days. After their forty-eighth session, Paul decided to talk with Ponyboy. "Ponyboy, you're a great kid. You have a great brother, Darry, that is. Don't disappoint him. I'm letting you go, but you know the choice you should make." 

Ponyboy was untied and left immediately. He couldn't describe what he was feeling. But he went straight over to Cherry's. Cherry was crying she was so relieved to see him, as he was missing for five and a half days, she called Darry and Sodapop to let them know she found Ponyboy.

They arrived at Cherry's shortly after. Ponyboy then described what had just happened over the course of those days. Darry erupted into a fiery rage and couldn't settle down. Ponyboy then went on to say "I actually liked it. Cherry, I'm sorry. But we can no longer be together." Cherry burst into tears, Sodapop knelt down and shook his head not even being able to believe what he had just heard, and Darry was speechless and walked right out the door. 

Ponyboy walked outside to see Darry drive off quickly, but Paul then pulled up shortly after. Ponyboy ran at him and jumped into his arms. Paul then immediately proposed to Ponyboy and Ponyboy accepted.

The end.

What did you guys think of it?


on Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:40 pm

You still got it! I love The Outsiders (I've only seen the movie though), and considering how much you talk about it, I thought this was going to be a serious fanfiction. I was wrong. It was still hilarious though!

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