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on Tue Dec 24, 2013 4:50 pm

PART 3.5...

It has been 1 year
Since Ken first struck fear
And he won
Nothing could've been done
Everyone was a prisoner
Everything was somber

Everyone worked for the dastardly Ken
Who ruled the world and scared people more than BEN
"Get to work, pleb!" yelled the evil overseer, Smash
Ken forced them to create a huge Christmas bash
For the anniversary of his success
No one is allowed to rest!

"This whole thing is my fault..." said a guilty Sir
Wiifan chimed in, "I think Skoch was worse."
"Shut up." Skoch said. "Oh, I miss hell...
Sure, it sucked, but I'd rather be listening to hell's bell..."
"Wait a minute!" Bzilla said, listening in on their talking.
"I have an idea..." he said as he began walking
Towards a large door that was ever so mocking.
"OK Cranky mouse, listen close...."
And the little mouse did so to the most.

Roshi and Sean went up to the Smash and Sean said
"I was working too hard and I hurt my head.
Do you have something to help me so I'm not dead?"
Smash rolled his eyes and went off to find some bread
or maybe a place to rest, like a bed.
Roshi sneakily followed behind him to where he was headed.
He found the place he wanted, and snuck inside
to see a large coffin off to the side.
He opened it, and grabbed its contents
and ran back, feeling accomplished.

Sparky was trapped in a cage, in a dark room.
He was trying to sleep in the cold doom.
He heard a squeak, as his cage unlocked!
The little Cranky mouse had rocked
the lock to save Sparky
and they ran off to stop this malarcky!
Pik was patrolling out in the hall
and managed to see the two running to save them all!
She tried to call for help, but was suddenly attacked!
Sparky made sure they were not tracked!

Smash returned to see Sean was "dead."
He was upset, since he dragged out a queen-sized bed.
Angry and annoyed, he rolled the bed back over
but before he did, Kaz hid under the cover.
CL came out to retrieve the deceased Sean
but as he walked out, Evil threw at him a bomb!
CL threw it back before his doom
and she threw it back again
and back
and again
and back
and BOOM!
CL's guts were splattered all over the room!
Jockster ran out to see what was the ruckus
as Purple snuck up behind and snapped his neck for lulz!
With Ken's main lackies gone
It was time to stop the evil Consome!

Smash dropped the bed off in the back of the place
and as he left, Kaz stuck out his face.
He walked out to grab everything he needed
including the legendary Half Life 3.
A snap was heard outside
and Wiifan came in with Smash's body not alive!
"Wait," Kaz wondered, "Why didn't we just do that from step one?"
Wiifan's response was, "Because stealth is more fun!"

Ken walked into the workplace
to see everything had been disgraced!
"What the hell?" he screamed!
He was hoping this was some bad dream
but was suddenly attacked by Sir and Skoch!
"This isn't over," Sir shouted! "Just you watch!"
But Ken was too strong!
He knocked them off to prove them wrong!
Sean jumped on his back in a brave whim!
Ken, however, used his power to completely melt him!
Kaz ran into the room with Half Life 3 in tow
but it wasn't long before Kaz was no more!
Wiifan picked up the dropped game
and escaped Ken's evil flame!
But Ken was too fast!
Wiifan could not outlast!
"I can't believe this!" Skoch exclaimed!
"Three of our men have been claimed!
And Ken almost destroyed the game!"

Sparky and Cranky were running through the hall
when they heard a noise louder than a baby at a shopping mall.
Peaking in the door, they saw someone out of luck
Tied to the chair was Syduck!
Cranky untied the ropes
and Syduck promised to help the troop.
He knew the secret to killing Ken
which was [Redacted for spoilers because you'll see eventually]

Sir and Skoch resorted to hiding with the rest of the crew
They underestimated Ken's power, that was true.
What else could they do?
Then something came out of the blue!
Sparky shocked the evil man!
He was too quick, quick enough to foil Ken's plan!
"How come you're so strong?"
"I know the way to destroy your amazing bond!
I found your secret power!"
And Sparky pulled out Calbee chips which had become powder!
"No! My source! It has been depleted!
Looks like I must use the true power..." as he began overheating.
"Roshi!" Sir commanded. "Go attack his back!"
Roshi did as asked, but he immediately cracked!
"I'm still strong enough..." said Ken, " kill you all!"
He grabbed Purple's hair, then threw his body into the hall!
Ken suddenly exploded with energy!
Ash and dust on walls every!
Evil was nothing more than a pile of flesh!
Bzilla's body created a huge mess!
Skoch was clinging on to dear life before fading.
Sir had survived, but barely, while Sparky was safe in his shell, hiding.
Ken was also in a very weak state, but alive.
"Listen Sparky... it's up to you... I believe..."
Sir was gone.
It was one on one.
But before he was gone, he gave Sparky the coffin's content.
They were MWH's remnants.
With the very last of MWH's life
Sparky could take Ken's life.

Sparky charged at Ken.
Ken guarded himself, but then...
Sparky sacrificed
so Ken was no more.
That's it.
That's just it.
Ken is dead
but so is everybody else.
Not even little Cranky mouse lived.
Well, Joe did, but who cares.
At least Christmas (and the world) was saved...

Far, far, away, three figures sat.
"Well... what should we do?" said one rather fat.
"Should we really intervene?" said one rather green.
"I think we should." said one with a face far from mean.
"Alright then... only because they were great,
I think they were... worth the weight."
"The one thing I will say here,
is that they had true layers..."
"Young heroes... your bodies were ready."
And a bright light shone in the night!

Sparky woke up... and so did his friends.
It seems no one truly had their end.
MWH was back too, and everyone gave a surprised glance
when even Ken got his second chance!
"I'm sorry for my insanity...
is there a chance I can give an apology?"
They couldn't say no
and they all had a party to throw
for Christmas was back
and nothing was whack!

Up in the sky, the Joes echoed something as they flew out of sight.



on Tue Dec 24, 2013 5:14 pm

Zekrom & Reshiram
Zekrom & Reshiram
No bludgeoning? WHY?

on Wed Dec 25, 2013 1:42 am

We should have talked it out with Ken and did a Bollywood dance routine. Solves all problems.


on Wed Dec 25, 2013 10:09 am

Zekrom & Reshiram
Zekrom & Reshiram
Skochko wrote:We should have talked it out with Ken and did a Bollywood dance routine. Solves all problems.
Would you teach me how to dance?
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