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on Tue Dec 24, 2013 10:03 am

The purpose of this introduction is to recap all the important things that have happened in the previous entries. On the first night before Christmas, the magical Sir visited the house of Skoch and delivered gifts to everyone inside. Unfortunately, for Skoch, he got coal; so, shortly after Sir left, Skoch found out where he was going and stopped him. Skoch angrily asked why Sir gave him coal, but Sir just said Skoch was not nice that year. Skoch then attacked Sir, and almost won, except for when Ken showed up and saved Sir. Skoch was banished to hell, and Sir retired. 3 years later, on the second night before Christmas, Sir's successor, MWH, was about to embark on the same trip. Visiting the same house, something was wrong; an evil creature was in the house! It wasn't Skoch, though, or even Sir; in fact, no one knows yet. MWH called for Skoch's help, as well as others who were in the house. Wiifan went inside to save everyone who was in there, which he did, but then found a secret under the house where the retired Sir was, with Bzilla. Kaz was sent off to find Sir, but no one knew Sir was under the house the whole time. Kaz met Pik, and then Evil, who attacked the team, but was defeated by Jockster. Pik and Jockster then betrayed Kaz and threw him down a hole, trapped. Purple, no one knows where he went. MWH brought Skoch back from hell to stop the menace and form a plan... but there's various questions to be answered...
...what's behind the door underground?
...who is the shadowy figure?
...where is Purple?
...where is Ken, who saved the day last time?
...was Evil actually good, or evil?
...what will Joe do?

On an island, out in the sea
There is a koopa lying under a tree
Sleeping peacefully, waiting for Christmas day
When suddenly, he must awake
"We need you," says the person who stood there
"Christmas is in trouble," said the one with long hair
"Take me there," said the koopa.
"I will." And they were off to meet the troopa.

Wiifan, Bzilla, and Sir try to open the door
What will make this door open for?
Sir chimes in, "I might have an idea who has the key.
I've been speculating the key-holder is Cranky.
He is a mouse who is hiding in this house."
Bzilla says "You mean this one?"
He holds up an unconscious mouse he kept inside a cone.
"Yes! When did you catch this creature?" Sir says
"I found him under the house a long whiles away."
They retrieved the key from the little creature
and into the keyhole, then the door began to stir!
"This is it," said an ecstatic Sir.

Back outside, things were going well
A plan was made to send the creature to hell!
"Alright the plan," said MWH, "will be this;
First we need... wait... where is CL?"
Next thing, MWH was knocked out!
CL was standing over him with a large bat. "You just struck out!"
Skoch called Sean and Roshi to him to get out of the way
of CL and his incredible craze.
"I won't let you stop what's happening!"
And he ran inside with MWH's body dragging.
"Change of attack," Skoch says. "We have to get inside ASAP!"
They grabbed supplies and began to ran.

Kaz, down the hole, was fortunately alive
and down there, Evil had survived!
"Who's side are you on?" Kaz gawked.
"I'm against Pik and Jock!"
"Let's get out of this place."
As Kaz said this, he saw another familiar face.
Purple was staring down the hole, with a rope going down.
The two climbed out and saw, in front of him, the brighter town.
It was none other than the light of Sparky!
With the team of four in tow
they head back to go stop that evil shadow.

CL brought MWH to the evil thing
And the evil thing began to evilly sing!
Skoch and company got to the shadowy thing
"It's too late! You can't stop my evil bringing!"
Skoch stopped. "That voice..."
Suddenly, a loud noise!
Sir, Wiifan, and Bzilla had arrived!
And from Sir's hand, a bright light broke free!
In his hand... Half Life 3!
The shadowy figure's true self was shown then...
The beast is KEN!
Everyone was shocked!
Sir asks, "Why did you have such an evil plot?"
"SILENCE FOOLS! Let me tell you everything... you need to know... turn off the rhyming for a bit..."

"It was Christmas 3 years ago... Sir had delivered presents to everybody, including myself, of course. Then I defeated Skoch, who had attacked Sir for being given coal. I was a hero. I probably was THE hero. But you fools... you never knew... Skoch was never the bad guy... he never got coal. I had, earlier that day, rewrote Sir's list to put Skoch on the naughty list. Sir, who checked his list twice, saw Skoch deserved coal, and gave him such. My plan was to get Skoch out of the picture, as well as force Sir to retire after this chaos. Skoch would've been the only one capable of stopping me from my true goal, which was to obtain MWH's power after he replaced Sir. After 3 years of perfecting my plan, I finally can act and absorb MWH's power. I will become much too powerful. It's too late for Skoch to stop me now... I made sure Kaz wouldn't be able to find me, so I set red herrings that led him to Pik and Jockster, who should have defeated him by now. I didn't expect Sir to be under the house the entire time, but unfortunately for him, Half Life 3 won't be able to do anything else other than show who I truly am. That is my tale... now..."

With a large knife
Ken took MWH's life!
His heart removed from his body
Ken ate it with some salami.
Everyone watched horribly
Except CL, who was laughing crazily
Kaz, Purple, Evil, and Sparky came bursting into the room
but it was too late; everything was doom!
There was a large boom!
Ken absorbed MWH's power
and his body began to tower!
The house crumbled beneath their feet!
One of the Joes got crushed and defated!
"What can we do?" Wiifan mutters.
"It's too late," Sir stutters...

To be continued... in part 3.5...


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