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on Mon Dec 23, 2013 6:13 am

This is part II
Of the adventures that are true
Of characters who are really true
and lots of true
true blue
like Pokemon Blue
which is Japan only, boo hoo
Part II begins, woo

Wiifan sneaks back into the house
as quiet as a mouse
trying on his mother's blouse.
The first room he encounters belongs to CartoonLink
Who is busy dreaming of Zelda potions to drink.
Wiifan wakes the sleeping CL
And escorts him so everything is well.
Next up is the resting Roshi
Who's dreaming of a cute little Yoshi
But as Wiifan enters the room, he hears a loud "OSHI--"
The shadowy figure woke up Sean!
Wiifan, with bravery, throws Roshi onto the lawn
And jumps at the figure, letting Sean get out
"You are a twat!" at the figure, Sean shouts
Wiifan goes in a secret compartment, knowing everybody else is out
But now the Shadowy figure knows Wiifan's about!

Meanwhile, Kaz proceeds to go looking
if he ever wants to find where Sir's is hiding
His findings lead him to the large city of tumblr
And under a blog, he finds Pik under
who holds the key to finding Sir's wonder
and together, they venture further
But unfortunately, they run into something evil
It was none other than the evil Evil!
Evil is working for the shadowy monster!
But don't worry! Saving the day, here comes Jockster!
And he shoots Evil and her army with his awesome blaster!
They're getting closer to finding the missing Sir's place?
But with all these things happening, will they make it back safe?

The shadowy beast stalks around the building
Wondering where the sneaky Wiifan is hiding
Wiifan is able to outsmart, but how long for?
That's when he discovers a small opening in the floor
He falls into the hole, and comes across a large door.
"It won't open," a voice comes from behind
It was none other than Bzilla! "I've tried."
He doesn't know what's behind this secret
but he knows it's pretty important.
Wiifan speculates, and wonders if this is where Sir has been the whole time
"That's not where I've been!"
Sir emerges from the dark! Wiifan chimes in, "That didn't rhyme."
"Screw rhyming!" Sir yells.
But if Sir was with Bzilla under the house the whole time
What is Kaz and company going to find?

Kaz, Pik, and Jockster find a large pit
"We have to go down there!" Pik says. "Quick!"
Kaz peeks down, but something grabs a hold
Jockster throws him down into the hole
Pik and Jockster were no good!
Triumphant, they head to get some food.

Roshi, Sean, and CL meet up with MWH and Skoch back
"Kaz will return with Sir soon, then we may attack!"
"Who is this horrible shadowy person?" young CL asks
"If you must know..." says the person who's favorite game is Majora's Mask (like a scrub)
"I think it is none other than Bzilla!"
But Bzilla is innocent and is under the villa!
So is Sir!
What in the world?
No one knows who the villain is!
This is a pretty terrible christmas!
Kaz has fallen
Wiifan is with the real Sir (who refuses to rhyme)
Where did Purple go?
Could he find any hero?

Back underground, Wiifan explains everything with the other two
Bzilla asks "But the beast is who?"
"I know who it is." Sir says without needing a clue.
Wiifan asks with round eyes "Can you tell me who?"

The shadowy beast lurks in the living room.
"I will make sure this Christmas is full of doom!"
The voice of the beast
is familiar... but who could it be?
Find out this and more in PART III.


on Mon Dec 23, 2013 7:42 am

Zekrom & Reshiram
Zekrom & Reshiram
It's ME or Consome

on Wed Dec 25, 2013 1:34 am

I have no idea who Evil is.

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