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on Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:24 am

Ice Kirby
Ice Kirby
Google employees are rolling out big changes for YouTube's new layout in 2014.
-The new channel design.
Youtube's new layout in 2014  Scaled.php?server=833&filename=emptychannel

There are now separate tabs for all your playlists, videos, everything! And for added simplicity, the design is made in MS paint and completely uncustomizable! Hope you like it! If you don't, we are willing to listen to your feedback, but it will just go in one ear and out the other (the 'send us feedback' actually goes straight into the spam filter).
-Due to bullying concerns, we have done away with YouTube comments and channel comments entirely. Commenting on channels and videos is now a thing of the past.
-The channel and video watch pages are so laggy that if you are not using an IBM supercomputer for all your YouTube needs, you're hopelessly screwed.
-Just for fun, we also decided to integrate Facebook's timeline into YouTube. And yes, we're forcing it on you!
-No more dislike button. Just a like button now. We found that folks were abusing the dislike button, so we had to do something about it.
-When you register, you're required to use your real name and submit your street address, phone number, and social security number for security purposes. We promise not do anything malicious with them.
-All existing members who still have a screen name (registered before this change) will have to change their screen name to an actual name.
-Also, there are some changes to the terms/guidelines:
-Everybody must subscribe to any or all of the following or face the ban hammer: JustinBieberVEVO, Fred, Irategamer, OldBaileyProductions. Please help these poor souls out, they desperately need subscribers. They don't have enough.
We have also gotten increasingly strict on copyright rules:
-You don't own copyright to yourself, so you may not star in your own video. You did not make yourself. You did not make your pets either, so no videos starring your pets either. We don't give a shit about Fair Use anymore.
-In fact, the only possible way to not breach copyright is if you're God because God created everything, therefore, He owns all the copyright to everything and therefore cannot commit an infringement.

Stay tuned for our 2016 layout where we require members to travel to Google headquarters to register in person, and then receive TSA pat downs to make sure they have no hacking utilities on them.


on Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:29 am

We need some kind of restriction for spamming, even if it's in the Outhouse.

Sorry, Cranks, but this topic shall be locked.

Youtube's new layout in 2014  902

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