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on Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:55 am


The Nintendo Domain’s domain of power and quiches

In the land
of the Cateminator’s and where the little trolls hide from the bigger cannibals
such as Shia Lebeef, there was a kingdom named TheNintendoDomain, or TND for
short. Now before I get into the real story about the power and quiches, let me
tell you about the founder and history of this magnificent sky shark kingdom.
Yes, it is a sky place. Like Skyloft, but shark because 4.5 milk. Two friends,
TBY and Mama, were waltzing down the stormy dark clouds, because they had cloud
boots which was a secret item in Skyward Sword and let you walk on clouds, but
not run because you could trip and fall. Except for Mama, because Mama’s pumpkins
let Mama hover eternally for as long as Mama wanted. Regardless, they found a
nice patch of sunshine and rainbows, and tore it down and replaced it with a
kingdom for all people who loved Nintendo dearly. Overtime, the little town
grew into a prosperous civilization, with more people such as Zman, Sir, MWH,
Pik who recently moved to the city of Tumblr, CL, Sean, Joey, Salv, Sy, Syduck,
Sparky, Bzilla, Hydro, roshi, Smash, Tamtrey, Dfox and Serberian. That’s a
cross being Serbian and Siberian. Fun fact for all you illeterates! Ha! So with
time, a lone traveler was waltzing down the very same street, and beneath this
hood lied a dog with a bag of chips. His name was Consome, and with him, he
brought a new prosperous age of glory to the kingdom…however…..with him he
brought a terrible dark secret….with the fated departure of TBY and the power
left in Mama’s and Sparky’s hands, Consome pulled out the ill-fated feature
that would bring the downfall of everything….its name was Touhou and it consomed
the civilians of the server. It was a happy time for everyone. Consome laughed
and laughed as the Touhou fever was spread around, infecting everyone even Zman
for a moment before he fought back with the virus he created to counteract the
virus that Consome brought to infect everyone with the virus. However, times
have settled recently. It’s been quite peaceful until a recent event. Smash
brought a walking snorlax, rare for everyone to see since snorlax usually roll
on their bellies like penguins. Its name was Baltosfan and he brought with him
butthurtness and insults of a negative degree…he felt powerful. Telling
innocent MWH’s to go live in a car, when in fact he already lived in a van! TND
fought back valiantly, but to no avail. Baltosfan eventually began to overcome
the forum with his brilliance. His spy, Tamtrey, asking everyone to brawl with
him had succeeded in determining everyone’s fight style. That was why he wanted
to brawl all the time. He was a spy for the Russian Baltosfan Empire of
Quiches. That is why the title contains quiches.


Ok no really the forum is great and you should join!



Best introduction thread
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on Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:02 pm

*a single tear dropped from the non-existing eye of a Game & Watch named Sir*


on Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:35 am

Zekrom & Reshiram
Zekrom & Reshiram
I would have never guessed my friend Gabe would be involved in this story.
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