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on Wed Oct 19, 2011 3:03 pm

On :Not sure if: Day Nintendo hosts another Japanese 3DS event. What to expect to come out of this? Here's a quote from that one asian dude "As an example of what to expect from the event, Nintendo mentioned details on the 3DS system’s November firmware update and Mario Kart 7‘s wireless play support."


on Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:46 am

Zekrom & Reshiram
Zekrom & Reshiram

on Fri Oct 21, 2011 7:50 am

Here's what went down.

- record 3D video for up to 10 minutes
- do interval recording and many other options
- allows for stop-motion animation
- Find Mii getting new map update
- Puzzle Mii getting new puzzles
- Mii Plaza will now provide a rough geographical location of Miis you meet
- firmware adds ability to transfer 3DS software to other 3DS units
- basic eShop improvements
- Mario Kart 7 installs a Mario Kart Channel
- get ghosts from other 3DS players via StreetPass
- select a person's data from the Mario Kart Channel and race them online
- 8 player online, 60 FPS
- community features added, allowing you to create your own community
- daily downloads for ghost data via SpotPass as well
- new samurai game announced
- Thruspace getting an eShop version
- Rune Factory 4 delayed to Spring 2012
- Itsuno ma ni Koukan Nikki is a tool for exchanging photos and other things with other players, due out this Dec. for free
- Lost Heroes, an RPG featuring Gundam, Ultraman, Kamen Rider and more

- 3000 people will win one of those special Mario-themed 3DS'
- everyone that takes part in the campaign gets 3D Classics: Kid Icarus for free
- 3D Classics: Kid Icarus will also eventually be offered as a paid download

Other news not announced at the event:
-Hulu Plus coming to the 3DS
-Kirby's Adventure becoming a 3D Classic.

You can see the info and some videos/links here:

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